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max visualize

Generates a file you can use to visualize a model with


max visualize [options] <model path>


Generates a .maxviz file from a given TorchScript or ONNX model, which you can then load into The maxviz file is a deconstructed version of the model before it is optimized in the MAX Engine, meaning that it represents the high-level graph layout using the "MO" dialect. For more detail, see the guide to visualize a model.



--output <PATH>, -o <PATH>

Directory or path for the output maxviz file. If a matching filename exists already, this will override it.

Compilation options

--input-data-schema <PATH>

Path to input data schema file (only used for compile-time shape specifications).

--custom-ops-path <PATH>

Path to custom ops.

Common options


Displays version information.

--help, -h

Displays help information.