MAX Serving

A production solution that integrates with your existing cloud stack, to serve any model on any hardware at scale.

Deploying AI at scale is a major challenge for the industry because the tools are fragmented and complicated, each with their own trade-offs and limitations. Figuring out which combination of tools and hardware provides the best performance-to-cost tradeoff for any given model seems like an impossible task. These are just some of the problems we’ve solved with MAX Engine. It provides you incredible inferencing performance for any model, from any framework, on any hardware.

Then it’s just a matter of deploying your models and MAX Engine to production with trustworthy tools that include robust scaling and monitoring. That’s where MAX Serving comes in. We’ve made MAX Engine compatible with any containerized cloud service, such as NVIDIA Triton Inference Server, TF Serving, TorchServe, KServe, and with any other container orchestration tool of your choice.

MAX Serving meets you where you are, so you can choose the solution that fits your needs:

MAX Serving is coming in Q1 2024. Sign up for updates.