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exp[type: DType, simd_width: Int](x: SIMD[type, simd_width]) -> SIMD[$0, $1]

Calculates elementwise exponential of the input vector.

Given an input vector XX and an output vector YY, sets Yi=eXiY_i = e^{X_i} for each position ii in the input vector (where ee is the mathmatical constant ee).


  • type (DType): The dtype of the input and output SIMD vector. Constraints: must be a floating-point type.
  • simd_width (Int): The width of the input and output SIMD vector.


  • x (SIMD[type, simd_width]): The input SIMD vector.


A SIMD vector containing ee raised to the power XiX_i where XiX_i is an element in the input SIMD vector.