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Implements type rebind.

These are Mojo built-ins, so you don't need to import them.


rebind[dest_type: AnyRegType, src_type: AnyRegType](val: src_type) -> dest_type

Statically assert that a parameter input type src_type resolves to the same type as a parameter result type dest_type after function instantiation and "rebind" the input to the result type.

This function is meant to be used in uncommon cases where a parametric type depends on the value of a constrained parameter in order to manually refine the type with the constrained parameter value.


  • dest_type (AnyRegType): The type to rebind to.
  • src_type (AnyRegType): The original type.


  • val (src_type): The value to rebind.


The rebound value of dest_type.