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reduce_boolean[reduce_fn: fn[DType, Int](SIMD[$0, $1], /) capturing -> Bool, continue_fn: fn(Bool, /) capturing -> Bool](src: Buffer[type, size, address_space], init: Bool) -> Bool

Computes a bool reduction of buffer elements. The reduction will early exit if the continue_fn returns False.


  • reduce_fn (fn[DType, Int](SIMD[$0, $1], /) capturing -> Bool): A boolean reduction function. This function is used to reduce a vector to a scalar. E.g. when we got 8xfloat32 vector and want to reduce it to a bool.
  • continue_fn (fn(Bool, /) capturing -> Bool): A function to indicate whether we want to continue processing the rest of the iterations. This takes the result of the reduce_fn and returns True to continue processing and False to early exit.


  • src (Buffer[type, size, address_space]): The input buffer.
  • init (Bool): The initial value to use.


The computed reduction value.