Declares a struct method as static.

You can add the @staticmethod decorator on a struct method to declare a static method.

For example:

from tensor import Tensor
from pathlib import Path

struct MyStruct:
    var data: Tensor[DType.int8]

    fn __init__(inout self):
        self.data = Tensor[DType.int8]()

    fn __moveinit__(inout self, owned existing: Self):
        self.data = existing.data ^

    fn load_from_file(file_path: Path) raises -> Self:
        var new_struct = MyStruct()
        new_struct.data = file_path.read_bytes()
        return new_struct ^

Unlike an instance method, a static method doesn’t take an implicit self argument. It’s not attached to a specific instance of a struct, so it can’t access instance data.

For more information see the documentation on static methods.