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A symbolic tensor dimension.

SymbolicDimss have a name and are printed as their name on MO types, eg. !mo.tensor<[batch, x, 10], si32]> the first and second dimensions are named "batch" and "x" respectively.

Symbolic dimensions don't have a static value, but they allow a readable name to understand what's going on in the model IR better, and they also allow users to hint to the compiler that two dimensions will have the same value, which can often allow important speedups.

Create a symbolic dimension via Dim.symbolic("name"), or just by passing the string name, eg. TensorType(DType.bool, "batch", Dim.dynamic(), 10).


  • name (String): The name of the dimension.

Implemented traits

AnyType, CollectionElement, Copyable, Movable



__eq__(self: Self, other: Self) -> Bool

Whether the dimension is the same as another symbolic dimension.

Symbolic dimensions with the same name are interpreted as the same dimensionality! If you use Symbolic dimensions, make sure you're naming them consistently, your model will likely fail to compile if you name two actually different dimensions the same name.


  • other (Self): The other dimension to check equality against.


True if the dimensions have the same name, False otherwise.